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Man Shares A Lash Hack That Will Make Your Faux Lashes Appear Like Your Own

It looks super real!

I’ve never gotten false eyelashes before. I doubt that I will, so I had to look up what it costs to get them professionally done. Whew, chile. Is it really true that it runs between $120-150 an appointment and that you have to get them done every 3-4 weeks? GOODNESS.

Now I get why there are a billion hacks for how to DIY them. And this one by @scortezzbeauty definitely deserves some shine.

Watch Video Here

This is the kind of video that always beckons me to read the comments. That said, someone mentioned that this can also be achieved by applying the glue underneath your faux eyelashes instead of on top of them.

Taking all of this into account, I’m thinking that the kind of glue you use — and the tool that you use to apply it — must play an even bigger role in all of this…right? Byrdie actually published an article on some of the best glues to use. You can read it here. YouTuber withArielle also did a video (here) where she shouts out Duo Brush On Adhesive. Apparently, it goes on clear which I would think is a major plus.

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No matter what you decide to do, he did show that his tips will result in it not looking like you put on some lashes but that you actually grew them out.

Just one more hack to keep your coins in your purse. You’ve always gotta be grateful for that.

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