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Man Finds Perfect Dupe For Billie Eilish’s Perfume

Apparently it’s half the price too!

OK, @paulreactss is hilarious. That’s why, even though it’s been FOR-E-VER since I’ve worn perfume (more on that in a bit), I watched this video about three times. One, to catch everything he was saying (he’s talking fast as hell) and two, simply for my personal entertainment purposes.

Aight, so I looked up the price tag in Eilish Eau de Parfum and the tag is around fifty bucks. Meanwhile, the dupe that Paul happened upon is roughly $22-23 at Walmart. Watch this to get your kicks and then we’ll dive a bit deeper.

Watch Video Here

So, Billie’s perfume is — what did he say? — “an iconic-creamy-musky-berry-vanilla”? Got it. LOL. And somehow Victoria Secret’s Pink fragrance line mimics this well? Interesting.

Since I’ve never tried either fragrance before, I’ll have to totally take his word on this. The two things I will say about Victoria’s Secret (aside from the fact that it’s still pretty criminal how much their limit their bra sizing) is their scents don’t seem to last very long (at least to me); however, they do have some bomb lip glosses (if you’ve never tried those before).

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As far as perfume, in general — hey, to each their own. As for me and my house, I’ve been rockin’ with essential oils for years and years now. The scent lasts longer. The prices are comparable. And they have numerous shealth benefits (and less chemicals) that come right along with them.

If you’re not a big essential oils person but you’re curious, an Etsy store that you should hit up is EssentialTradinPost. They’ve got a wide variety of scents, the prices are great and they ship fast.

And yes, they carry vanilla (a few versions too). In case you want to do any more comparing and contrasting. #wink

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