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105-Year-Old Grandmom Ranks Granddaughter’s Outfits and She’s Brutally Honest

She holds nothing back.

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We often have a nasty habit as a society of infantilizing the elderly. It’s perplexing because they are the ones who experienced life far more than we have. For those who recognize this and seek out the advice and counsel of the elderly people they’re lucky to still have in their life, there are sure to be at least a few moments of tender, genuine learning. For TikToker Holland Smith Paterno, she might not be asking her 105-year-old granny Confucius-level questions, but she does value her opinion (and brutal honesty).

Which is exactly what she sought when she asked her to rank her Amazon outfits from a one to five. Of course, she held nothing back.


As Smith Paterno modeled and twirled each outfit, her grandmother either gave a large stamp of approval or flat out told her that she wasn’t into whatever the look was. Naturally, the grandmom threw in a few old-age boob jokes for a little extra spice, and the internet instantly became taken with her.

“Grandma has good fashion sense for her age and how different current styles are,” complimented one person.

“Awww love her! ‘That's different ‘ She's so sweet,” noted another.

All we can really say is that we hope we make it to 105 with that much sass and style.