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Wife Is “Convinced” Her Husband Is Cheating Because He Got Free Samples At Sephora

They don’t just give those away to anybody...

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These here internets are filled with some of the most interesting and random FYIs. Take Sephora, for example. Did you know that they have a community page that talks about nothing but how much money people have spent at their store?

And since a lot of people easily spend a few thousand dollars there on an annual basis, I get why @hannahdudeck was semi-traumatized when her hubby came home with a ton of samples from the store.

Watch Video Here

Here’s where things truly become a mystery. As I did a little more diving into how he could’ve possibly came home with such a full goodie bag, guess what? Currently, whenever you order online, you can ONLY select two samples per purchase. Apparently, there are a few other samples that you can get at the store, but you have to remember to request them on your own (they’re not readily offered).

I don’t know about you, but what I got out of all of this is it’s not common to come away with a plethora of freebies. So, Mr. Sir is hella charming, he slipped a sales associate a couple of bucks or he definitely has some serious explaining to do…to all of us now.

Which is it, mister? *stares with side-eye at the TikTok post*