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Woman Dyes Hair the Perfect Blue but Has a Rather Unfortunate Post-Dye Situation

This is too funny.

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Dying your own hair has its pros and cons, like saving yourself some money or not getting the shade you desired. 

This woman dyed her hair the shade she wanted, but something else happened that unfortunately made her blue.

TikToker @nutguthut said that after dyeing her hair she had good and bad news. 

"The good news is my hair turned out the way I wanted, you know like a little light color to a darker blue ombre," Bobby said. "The bad news is...that I just love it some much."

At this moment she changed the camera angle from a close up on her hair to us being able to see her from her shoulders up. Bobby revealed that the hair dye had stained her whole body just from her showering. 

"How does this happen, who put this product on the market," she said. She proceeded to show all of the things that turned blue because of the dye, which included her legs, her toe nails, and her pink flip flops.

"I look like f*cking Violet Beauregarde," Bobby said. "I look like I'm about to blow up into a blueberry because I need to learn a lesson about pride or something."

Bobby continued to compare herself to other blue things, which made this video funnier. She tried to comfort herself by saying that maybe people will think she's a really big fan of the movie, "Avatar."

The jokes continued within the comments as people asked Bobby questions and had suggestions for her to make the most of this very blue situation. 

"What f*cking dye are yall USING?? 😭," one person said. Another person said, "PLS USE THE “why are you blue?!” AUDIO."

Someone within the comments offered a solution and said that micellar water works to get dye off of skin.

We hope that Bobby comes to terms with her love for the color blue.

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