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Woman Puts Tiny Gemstones On Her Eyelids And...WHEW!

This is so stunning it's ridiculous (in a good way)

Less is more. We’ve all heard the saying yet when it comes to a lot of the make-up trends that I see, I’m always damn near giddy, whenever I notice that the saying is actually being applied. This is especially the case when it comes to eye make-up and, as it relates to this post in particular, eye gems.

Check out how @nellsboba applied hers and I think you’ll see just what I mean.

Watch Video Here

I’m a Gemini and if you know anything about my sign, you know that we’ve got something to say about damn near everything. But this time — this time? I honestly don’t have one critique or an add on to make this better or even easier. The way that she places these crystals on her face is subtle perfection in the best way possible.

Well — stop for a moment. I may have spoken to soon. I still will die on the hill that this look is flawless but TIKTOKERS…when are more of you going to share what you are using either in the video itself or in a description right beneath it? Because, without question, what makes this look work is how dainty the gems are — and I don’t see anywhere where she said which ones she is using. Ugh.

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I did spend a little bit of time online to see if I could find some that look similar. What do y’all think of these 1.5mm Swarovski loose crystals that I saw on Etsy (here)? Or perhaps these self-adhesive ones from Amazon (here)?

Anyway, I hope this video inspired you to add a little shimmer into your own life this week. Because with a look like this, you can never go wrong. Full stop.

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