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Mom Lets Young Daughter Bleach Her Hair And Swears Her Reaction Was Worth It

The goal is to get it to pink!

One time, while I was out getting a pedicure, I noticed an older man coming into the salon with his adorable granddaughter. He explained that he has a monthly pampering date that they do together. Words can’t express how much I adored everything about it because, not only was it intentional quality time but it also set a good example for how little people are to grow up and care for and nurture themselves. Chef’s kiss, grandpa. You’re amazing.

That’s the memory that instantly popped into my head as I watched this video of a mom and her young daughter getting her hair done.

Watch Video Here 

This little girl was absolutely living for this moment! LOL. She wasn’t apprehensive about the camera, the bleach…NOTHING. The end result kind of looked like she and @demilucymay_ were twinning which may be why she liked it so much. Too cute.

I do think it would be somewhat irresponsible of me if I didn’t share that if you’re considering doing a hair date with your own young child, a lot of physicians and hair experts don’t recommend permanently dyeing a child’s hair until they are past puberty (definitely not until they are a teenager). The main reason is because hair dye can damage our hair, so being that a child’s is even more fragile, they are far more susceptible to experiencing it. Plus, it could potentially ruin their natural color. But there are plenty of non-permanent hair coloring options out here. Plus, there are other ways to do some pampering as well.

And that’s the biggest takeaway here, right? Pampering is important. So is self-care. The sooner you teach your child how to incorporate it into their lives…the better.