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You Won’t Believe What Grandma Bought For Her Granddaughter To Wear While She “Cooks and Cleans” For Hubby

Grandma was *clearly* a baddie back in her day

Folks betta stop sleeping on these seniors out here. If it’s TMI, just skip to the content underneath the video because I’m about to let some of y’all in on something. Do you know that almost 55 percent of seniors have sex between 2-3 times a month (that’s more than a lot of younger married folks I know) and that almost 60 percent between the ages of 57-64 and 31 percent between the ages of 75-85 engage in oral activity?

That’s why I wasn’t surprised, not one bit, when I saw this post by @laurenandthecubs.

Watch Video Here 

Get it, girl. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

I don’t know what makes us think that when we’re doing stuff around the house that we’ve got to look like we just rolled out of bed while doing it. And personally, I think there’s something really sexy about a person who creates a sanctuary environment for their household whether they’re in a relationship or even single — so, if they can look good (which oftentimes makes them feel even better) while making it all happen…awesome.

This video especially made me smile because I think her grandmother was letting her in on the secret that back in the day, she probably got down in her own house just like her granddaughter does her now. Generational sexy. I can dig it.

So, if you don’t wanna always wear old torn up ish to get your house in order…don’t. Take this woman’s lead and look as hot as you wanna be.

And don’t forget about those stats that I shared earlier. One day, our time (too) will come.

Right granny? #wink