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Granddaughter Has First Love Note Grandfather Ever Wrote Grandmother Embroidered...And Her Reaction Is So Beautiful

After all these years, he still makes her feel so very loved

There’s a married couple that I used to know who’d been together for well over 50 years. Once the wife got Alzheimer’s, she didn’t remember who her husband was — until bedtime. Every night, like clockwork, she would tuck him in and kiss him. She did that until she couldn’t walk anymore. It’s one of my favorite love stories.

Both the husband and wife are gone now. But they immediately came to my mind when I watched this video by @antomutti. The kind of love that two older committed people share (go to Cracker Barrel, you’ll here stories for days in there!) is beyond incomparable. It really is.

Watch Video Here

That woman loved that man. You hear me?

Aside from her face lighting up, what also moved me is that the thoughtfulness appears to have been passed down from generation to generation. I adore that as well. Looks like love motivates so much within that family and that the fiancée who made her the sweatshirt is going to fit in just fine.

If after wiping your eyes from your tears, you feel inspired to do something similar for a person who loves well in your own world, there are places that offer a simple embroidery services. For instance, if you go to Etsy and put “embroidery signature” in the search field, you can find merchants who will do customized work, similar to this, for you.

My biggest takeaway here is thoughtfulness is still king and romance is certainly not dead. Real love is still real and we all need to be reminded of that every once in a way. Thank you, @antomutti, for doing just that.