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Woman’s Gua Sha Trick For Dark Circles Works Like Magic

We’ll be adopting this practice

Unless you’re into traditional Chinese medicine, you may have never heard of a gua sha before. Perhaps the best way to explain it is it’s a tool that has a smooth edge that’s used to stroke your skin. Oftentimes, it’s applied to treat chronic pain, perimenopausal symptoms and even breast fullness (if you’re a breastfeeding mom). But as you’re about to see, you can also use it to lighten the appearance of dark circles underneath your eyes.

Check out this video by @glowwithava and then we’ll discuss a bit further, OK?

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Although we typically get dark circles underneath our eyes because we’re tired/sleep deprived, there are other things that can cause them — dehydration, stress, hyperpigmentation, alcohol and/or smoking, eczema and genetics. It’s important to keep all of this in mind because, if you’re constantly seeing these kinds of circles, you may need to make an appointment with your doctor (in order to get to the root of matters).

As far as using a gua sha goes, what it does is help to remove any extra fluid that’s underneath your eyes back towards your hairline, so that your circles are less noticeable (a roughly 30-minute instructional video worth checking out on YouTube is located here).

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So, where do you get a gua sha? Good question. Amazon, Walmart and Etsy all carry them. So do beauty-focused stores like Sephora. And since they’re both helpful and soothing in so many other ways — sounds to me like we all should invest in a gua sha this year. Whatcha think?

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