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Hailey Bieber Gives Us an Early Christmas Present with Emerald Green Teddy You Can Nab This Black Friday

You're the present. Wrap it up.

We all pretty much know what a teddy is. If you’re curious about some of its history, it became popular in the early 1900s. The “nickname” is coined by the inventor Theodore Baer. And, as far as classic pieces of lingerie go, I’m not sure if anything is more signature than it is. Personally, one of my favorite things about a teddy is how well it complements pretty much any body type — including curvy girls.

That’s why, when I saw this promo shot that Hailey Bieber did for Victoria’s Secret, I thought I would share it as a reminder that, no matter how cold it might be outside, you can never — EVER — go wrong with investing in a teddy or two to wear indoors.

Pretty damn sexy, right? And for those of you are like, “On a supermodel, duh” — yeah, don’t do that to yourself. Like I said, some of the best lingerie pictures that I’ve ever seen have featured fuller figured women. And that emerald green jewel tone hue? That’s gonna be stunning on basically every skin tone there is. Seems to me that it would be the perfect stocking stuffer for your partner this coming Christmas…and with Black Friday literally just days away…

So, what if you’re down for the overall concept, you really like the color but you’re not sure if a teddy is exactly your style? My two cents would be to try it on before pushing back. Still, Stylecraze has a cool article that can offer up some additional tips. Check out “Types Of Lingerie – How To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Type” when you get a chance.

Wherever you land, I hope Hailey reminds you to get something in some sexy satin and lace that doesn’t have footies attached this holiday season. Because like it says in the teaser — although you’re automatically the gift, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with dressing up seductively every once in a while. #wink

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