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Mom Organizes Adorable Hair Drawer for Toddler and TBH We are Jealous

This is so cute and convenient!

Losing your hair tie is one of the most annoying things in the world, especially when you really need to put your hair up and out of your face.

This mom came prepared to make sure her daughter never goes without any of her hair accessories or products.

Lauren, or @drowning_in_sunshine on TikTok shared the process of doing her 3-year-old's hair everyday.

"I do it every single morning in the living room," she said. "I was like why am I carrying this and that back and forth, like let's be for real."

This gave her the idea to create a hair drawer in the living room for her toddler's stuff. All they have to do is meet in the living room and grab the things out the drawer. 

She get a separator for all of her clips, hair ties, and scrunchies. "Lately she's been very into little accessories and colors and picking out styles," Lauren said. 

Lauren mentioned how when she was younger, her hair was done in her mother's bed. 

Commenters were happy to know that this drawer was making a huge difference in the hairstyling process.

"The best advice i ever got, was your home doesn’t need to make sense for other people it needs to make sense for you 😇💕," one person said.

Commenters also revealed things about their house and how they may seem odd to others. Several people revealed that they have toothbrushes in the kitchen.

"This little drawer makes life a little bit easier and I'm so here for it," Lauren said.

The location where you get your hair done may vary, but the reaction and confidence you feel with a nice hairstyle stays the same. Tell us how you organize your hair drawer. 

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