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Woman In Active Labor Decides To Dye Her Hair Moments Before Heading To The Hospital

“I am in a bougie family,” her dad jokes

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OK, so I already know that some of you are probably going to be at least semi-triggered by what you’re about to see. Meanwhile, since I’m a doula, I actually found it to be more humorous than anything else because I can’t tell you how many clients that I’ve worked with who absolutely want to be sure that their hair looks good before going to the hospital to give birth. 

Why? Because they know that in a matter of just a few moments, there will be very little that they can control (please put together a birthing plan ahead of time if you are expecting) — and so they want to look as good as they possibly can.

Alright, now on to what @chip_cheeto_pierc is talkin’ about.

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One, although I personally wouldn’t recommend that you permanently color-treat your hair while you are pregnant, there are studies to support that it’s relatively harmless.

Two, I know a lot of movies and television shows have probably caused you to think that the moment a woman’s water breaks that she should run every read light so that she can hurry up and get to the hospital but goodness, y’all. Active labor begins when a woman is around six centimeters and her contractions are about three minutes apart. That said, it’s not uncommon for water to break and contractions to still be a half hour apart. Call your doctor and see what they say. If you have a midwife, I can almost guarantee that they are going to say something along the lines of, “Take a bath” or “Watch a movie”. Hell, “Do your hair. You’ve still got some time.”

Three, I like how calm the mom-to-be seems to be. When she freaks out, then it’s time to take note. Until then, ask her how you can help as she enjoys her last few moments of focusing solely on herself.

Yep. Good for her. I’m all about it.