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Woman Shares Natural Recipe To Grow Hair That She Swears By

It's worth a shot, y’all

When you think of rosemary, what immediately comes to your mind? If it’s a seasoning to cook your food with, that would be more than fair. It does seem to have quite the reputation in that department, not just when it comes to flavor but it’s many health benefits too. Some of those include strengthening immunity, increasing blood circulation and fighting off free radicals.

But did you know that rosemary is also excellent as an all-natural beauty treatment too? When it comes to your hair specifically, @elhammock is going to show you one way to apply it.

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Yeah, she didn’t have to sell me on how rosemary is great for my hair. Although I’ve been using it more for my skin (rosemary oil is amazing in that department too), I will sometimes use it on my scalp or as a conditioner ingredient and I’ve never regretted it one time.

Anyway, if you watched the video until the end, you saw that she shared a myriad of different ways that rosemary can help your tresses out. I wanted to emphasize one: it stimulates hair growth. This isn’t just @elhammock’s personal opinion either. There are many studies to support her stance.

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In fact, people who’ve been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness that can affect women too) have seen noticeable changes when they’ve used rosemary for a long period of time. Rosemary also has a solid reputation for making hair thicker and reducing scalp inflammation as well.

So, the next time you’re out grocery shopping, treat your hair to some fresh rosemary. You may just find that it’s as good for your hair as it is to your taste buds. 

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