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Barber Pranks Client Overspraying Water in Hair

And he just sat there.

You may have seen barbers on TikTok pranking their clients by rubbing their fingers down their lips or even kissing their foreheads (ahh, funny times).

This barber does another type of prank to his client and it's hilarious to witness. 

Barber @your_boy_luna is a big time prankster on his TikTok page, so it only made sense that we'd see him do the water prank on his client. 

What started off as a conversation about music, turned into a very saturated and wet situation. Edgar began spraying his client's hair and coming it, but unfortunately did not stop.

His client winces and immediately closed his eyes as the water dripped down his face. The client immediately stopped talking.

After having been waterboarded and taking it, the client starts to move and wring water out of his hair with his hands. Edgar tells him he has a lot of hair and needs to use the water because it's so thick. 

That poor guy, we can see the water dripping down his nose. The client finally asked if he needed that much water. To make it worse, he sat there for another minute or so before he said, "Bro?"

Commenters agreed that this prank was super funny to watch and shared their thoughts.

"He couldn't get enough air to say anything, he was drowning! 😂," one person said. Another said, "Bro literally just got out of Hurricane 🌀 IAN 😂."

We can't believe he just sat there and got soaked. He was definitely trusting the process with his barber. Do you think you could have lasted as long being sprayed with water? 

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