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Woman Weaves Hair into a Headband and We Think We Want One Now

No...we really do

Here’s the scenario. It’s been a long wash day (hair-wise) but it’s all good because all you plan on doing is air-drying your tresses while you chill out on the couch and binge watch some really bad reality television. Out of nowhere, though, a friend hits you up about meeting up for drinks. You don’t feel like pulling your hair up into a ponytail, but you don’t want to spend a ton of time styling it either. What should you do?

My vote is to not cancel. Instead, run out to a local Walmart to get one of these headbands that @audramaede is modeling in this video.

Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen one of these before. I like it because appears to be an easy way to create a Bohemian flowing hairstyle without a ton of drama or even a lot of effort. In fact, even if you’re not all that great at flat twisting your hair, you can still pull it off with one of these because this headband is specifically designed to hold sections of your hair in place.

She didn’t offer up details on where to get it (le sigh), but I referenced Walmart earlier because I did some ‘net surfing and this appears to be the Localoc Style Bandables Twisty Braids Headband. I found it on Walmart’s website.

Just putting another hairstyle idea into the atmosphere. Enjoy!

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