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Video Highlights A Product That Makes It Easier To Keep High Heels On Longer

If you want to keep your heels on all day and night...

I’m pretty sure a lot of you already know that high heels were originally invented with men in mind. Rich guys wore them in order to appear taller than they actually were. So, in many ways, they heels more functional than anything else. Fast forward to now and while men like the late and oh so very great Prince can still make a pair of heels work, women have turned them into a staple for their own wardrobe.

And here’s the thing — although high heels are super sexy and can lengthen your legs, they can also help to strengthen your ankles and build up your calves…so long as they’re worn in moderation. But what should you do if you love the look for a nice pair of pumps but after a couple of hours, they’re killing your feet? Literally.

Watch Video Here

Off top, I think I’m gonna get some of these because, if there’s one thing that tap dances all over my very last nerve is, whenever I have heels on, my feet can’t help but (slightly) slide around on them. And that causes the balls of my feet to become tender and that makes it hard to walk around after a few hours or so.

And so, after watching this video (thanks @missjackson007), I went to the Shoe Gummi site. Here are a few other things that you need to know:

· They are a lab tested product

· You can’t transfer them from shoe to shoe; the adhesive is strong so once they’re on a pair of shoes, it’s a wrap

· Pointed-style heels don’t work with well with this particular product

· Currently, they’re going to run you between $35-55 per set


If all of this is perfectly fine with you — say “hello” to more time in your heels without having to smile through the pain. And who doesn’t want that, y’all? For real, though.