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Try These Tips And Your Heels Will Feel Comfortable For Hours

High heels can actually feel good

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Most of my close girlfriends are shoe hounds — specifically high heels. And because I’m someone who likes random (sometimes semi-useless) information, we’ve talked about how high heels were initially created for men. Short men, to be exact. We’ve also discussed that it’s important to give your feet, ankles and spine a break sometimes by — gasp! — wearing flats from time to time.

If you’re also a high heel lover, you probably already know that my friends are mostly like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. What we want to know is how to make our shoes pumps and stilettos more comfortable.” Luckily, I’ve got the perfect video for you (and my friends) right here.

Watch Video Here

So, according to @billiexnewland, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your heels feel comfortable for hours on end:

· Tape your toes together if your toes are pinching

· File the bottom of your heels if your shoes are too slippery

· Put Vaseline on your feet if your shoes are too tight

· Spray your shoes with dry shampoo to keep your feet from slippin’ and slidin’ everywhere

· Use baby powder to keep your feet fresh inside of your shoes

All of these are really good points. As far as keeping your feet from stinking up the joint, I would just add that it’s a good idea to disinfect your heels from time to time. You simply need a kitchen spray that contains ethanol and other sanitizing ingredients. They will help to kill the bacteria that’s in your shoes, so that your feet will smell good for much longer.

There you have it — ways to feel comfortable in your highest of heels, so that you can strut your ass off (and I know that you will!).