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Hijab Magnetic Pins Are Great For So Many Things

Hijabs fit like a charm. So do scarves.

There’s not one time when I’m walking in the mall that two kinds of women, in particular, won’t catch my attention: Indian women and Muslim women. When they are in their cultural attire, I find it to be extremely soft and feminine which is very beautiful to me.

Sometimes, I will make the time to tell them what I just shared with you guys. Once, I asked a Muslim woman how she was able to keep her hijab on her head (because I like to wear scarves a lot). She mentioned what you’re about to see now.

Watch Video Here

If you don’t know the reason and purpose behind why women Muslim women wear hijabs (their traditional head coverings), The Conversation published an interesting read that’s worth checking out here. For now, I’ll say that there are multiple ones and all of them are fascinating.

As for this video by @hijab_house, I never knew that there were magnet pins on the market that not only seamlessly hold hijabs together but can be used for headscarves (which I wear from time to time) too.

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If you’d like to support the actual company that’s featured in this TikTok, Hijab House’s gold magnet pins can be purchased for around $10 here. There are also similar kinds of magnet pins from other companies that you can find on sites like Amazon (here) and Etsy (here).

It sure beats using safety pins that could potentially ruin your fabric or worse, stick you.

The more you know.

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