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This Eyelash Curler Trick For Applying Eyeshadow Is Perfect For People With Hooded Eyelids


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Whenever I see a make-up tutorial that features a woman who looks stunning even before she does anything to her face, it hypes me up even more because I find myself wondering, “How can you top what I’m already looking at?” Such is the case with @iluvsarahiiii because I already adore her full features including those lil’ freckles on her nose.

So, what if you’ve got an occasion coming up where you want to go all-out as far as your eyes are concerned and you want to make sure that your make-up lines are as precise as possible?

Watch Video Here

Using an eyelash curler to apply your eye make-up. Gee, when I say it out loud, that makes all of the sense in the world even though it’s not something that occurred to me before. I don’t know about you, but my favorite part was how she used the “rainbow curve” of the curler to colors to the brow bone and creases. And look at how it makes it so much easier to create a killer cat eye?

I’m pretty much thinking that this works with any eyelash curler. Still, if you’re curious about which brands are popular these days, you can read about that here and here. In the meantime, it’s certainly good to (now) know that there is more than just one use for them. Awesome.