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Here’s How To "Level Up" Your Appearance In Seconds

It's quick and easy

I once heard someone say that if you want to add time to your day and to your level of self-confidence, it’s important to have some sort of daily routine. That’s what I thought about as I watched this post by @alkiiwii; one that features several things that she does to “level up” as far as her looks are concerned.

Things that are quick, easy and, quite frankly, basic common sense. Still, it can never hurt to be reminded every once in a while. Let’s look.

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Just in case you’re someone who likes to have lists written out, I’ll do that for you, along with adding a few pointers for each.

Have a good hair care routine. Cleanse your locks with a sulfate-free shampoo and follow-up with a deep conditioner. Be extra gentle with your ends (they are the oldest parts of your hair) and always use a thermal heat protectant when applying heat. Also, don’t forget to trim your ends when they start to feel rougher than the rest of your hair. And try and go with a semi-permanent hair color or rinse; it’s much gentler on your hair than permanent hair dyes are.

Take good care of your nails. Keep them clean. Apply oil to your cuticles. If you don’t want to wear colored polish, at least apply a clear coat or buff them. Consume foods that will keep your nails healthy and strong including walnuts, quinoa, avocados, dried apricots and bananas. And if you do wear acrylics, get them filled in regularly. And yes, a nice ring or two can be the “icing” on the cake.

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Remove lint from your clothing. Not much more to say about this one other than they’re super cheap and easy to find at Target or Walmart (or on Amazon). You can also use nylon stockings, pumice stones or dryer sheets if you’re in a pinch.

Iron your clothes. Indeed. A T-shirt looks totally different when it’s either been thrown into the dryer on high for a couple of minutes or an iron has gone over it. Better yet, invest in a steamer. They’re dope.

Umm…people wear mix-matched socks and don’t tie the laces on their shoes? *Elmo shrug*

Invest in a good perfume. Yep. I’m not a perfume person, but I do wear an essential oils combo that gets me big-time compliments at least 85 percent of the time that I’m out (no joke).

These simple things are little tips that can go a long way if you apply them daily. Try them and I’m sure that you’ll agree.

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