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Beauty Influencer Shares Her ‘Invisible Mascara’ Hack and It’s Pretty Genius

This looks so flawless!

With glassy, clean skin being all the rage, mascara can kind of ruin the whole look. Sure, it makes lashes look voluminous, but even the best mascara can leave lashes looking clumpy and weird. But what if you could make your lashes look full and refreshed without all the heavy colored product? Enter beauty TikToker @mar.hacks, who recently tested out using Vaseline instead of a heavy mascara product thanks to the trend circulating. The result absolutely speaks for itself.


To pull off this clean but voluminous look, all Mar does is curl her lashes with a lash curler, and rubs a dollop of Vaseline over them. While she was terrified it would rip off her lashes, she held them there for a few moments to make sure the Vaseline fully set. When she pulled it away and compared it to her non-lubed eye, you could absolutely se the difference.

It gave her lashes a lifted, natural look, and her followers all commented that they were eager to try it for themselves. And because allergic reactions to petroleum jellies are very rare, it is a safe hack to try and will likely cause little damage or irritation should it get into your eye. Of course, always proceed with caution when trying a new product on your face, especially when it’s used so close to the eyes!

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