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You've Never Seen Anything As Cute As a Video of a Lil' Baby Washing Their Own Hair

Train a child up in the way they should go...

As a doula, something that I can’t help but notice whenever I watch videos with babies, toddlers or young children in them is how quick they are to mimic the older people who are around them. Based on what I’m seeing, sometimes it’s cute — other times, it’s close to disturbing. Either way, it’s all a super loud reminder that children are like sponges. That’s why we have to be extremely careful about what we expose them to — and when.

This video by @curlyniquenique is on the good team. After you watch it, I double dare you to tell me that you’ve seen something even remotely this cute in the past two weeks. I know I haven’t.

Y’ALL. Not this five-month-old out here shampooing her own hair. I can’t stand it! Yet since her mommy is a beauty influencer, I guess it only makes sense that this would be in Baby Dezi’s veins, huh? DNA is a trip.

I know that her mom said that this isn’t sponsored by @jessicaalba’s hugely successful beauty brand @honest. Still, I think we all should rally behind the fact that it definitely should be because anything that makes a baby feel like pampering themselves and the mom feel like it’s not going to harm her little baby to do so — that’s got “classic commercial” written all over it!

And Dezi, words cannot express how many smiles and “ooos” and “ahhs” that you got outta me as I watched this, what, two dozen times? You are precious. You’ve got a good mommy. And something tells me that we’ll see you both again (especially you!).

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