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Jessica Alba Says That Going from Day to Night with Make-Up Is All About the Eyes

To a large extent, she's right

Here’s some (original) Beverly Hills, 90210 trivia that I bet you didn’t see coming (continue to RIP, Luke Perry aka Dylan McKay). How many of you remember the episode when actor Jessica Alba played a pregnant teen who couldn’t decide if she wanted to give her baby up for adoption or not? Boy…that was a LONG time ago and only the true fans know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. Since then, Alba has developed a pretty consistent IMDb resume although what has impressed me is how successful her beauty brand, The Honest Company, has become. It was reported to be worth $550 million earlier this year. Have mercy, that’s a lot of coins.

Sometimes, I’ll hop onto her IG page to see what she — and her brand — are up to. A few weeks ago, she did a brief tutorial on how to take your make-up from day to night simply by putting emphasis on your eyes. Check it out.

Hmph. Come to think of it, she doesn’t look much different than she did as a teenager. If that ain’t a roaring endorsement for her company, I don’t know what is.

As far as her tutorial goes, my favorite part is it’s a reminder that if you want to go out with a “night face” on, that doesn’t always mean that you have to look like you’re hosting the Meta Gala. An extra eye emphasis can be something as simple as some shimmer in your eyeshadow, an extra coat of mascara and/or some eyeliner — no more, no less. And with the right products, you don’t have to be a make-up pro. You can intensify your face in a matter of minutes and feel confident that you look great.

Do me a favor — look in your purse (or the cosmetics bag that’s inside of it). Do you have some metallic or glitter eyeshadow, some black waterproof mascara and a dark eyeliner? If not, put those three things in there. Hey, you never know when you’ll have to head out right after work and thanks to this video — now you’ll know just what you’ll need in order to get/be/stay ready.

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