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Have You Ever Thought of Creating a 'Kim Possible' Lip? It's Actually Kinda Cute.

"Cute" if you can land on how to create it, anyway

Between the pop art nail designs and what I’m about to show you in just a second, there is a part of me that’s curious about what prompted all of the “animated beauty” that I’ve been seeing over these past several months. ‘Cause really — is just me or has it been everywhere?

Take this make-up tutorial by @roseartistrymua as a stellar example. I’m not sure what made her wake up one day and say, “You know what? I want my lips to look just like Kim Possible’s do!” But somehow, she pulled it off and it looks way better than I would’ve thought before seeing it.

I won’t lie — leave it to the cynics in the comment section to ruin a good thing. LOL.

So, while the person posting the video was simply paying homage to one of her favorite cartoon characters, who knew that it would start a debate about whether or not Kim actually had a bottom lip or not? Honestly, until now, I never gave it much thought. But since it’s become an itch that I can’t seem to scratch…

I went to watch a rather long scene and I was still confused (see what you did to me, comment section). According to some articles on the internet, they think that Kim’s lip was invisible — although invisible would be non-existent in this case, right? Lawd.

All of that then led to the debate about whether we should just leave our bottom lip “blank” — meaning no lip color at all — when it comes to applying make-up. (Who knew this could be such an issue?

Meanwhile, I’m still over here wondering how you keep the gold from the bottom lip (of the video) from mixing in with the brown of the upper one whenever you’re eating ‘n stuff. *le sigh*

So, I guess the best place to leave all of this (at least for now) is here’s a Kim Possible-inspired lip look — if you think that she actually has two lips. Do you?


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