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If You LOVE Layered Necklaces But You HATE How They Tangle Up, This Hack Is Everything

Say goodbye to chain tangling

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Whenever I see a woman with layers of thin gold or silver necklaces, I usually say to myself, “That’s very Boho chic” — and I mean that in the best way possible. Although I’m more of an earring and bracelets gal myself (preferably bangles, if you want to get me anything), the times when I do want to put something around my neck, I prefer to go the Boho route.

Problem is, after about an hour, my necklaces tend to get all tangled up. This means that, not only do they not “lie right” on my neck and chest, they can also be super frustrating to untangle at the end of the day. FRUS-TRAT-ING.

Boy, am I glad that I ran into @allisonjwhalen and her tip for keeping necklaces right where I want them to be.

Watch Video Here 

I promise you that there are so many times when I will watch a hack like this and be like, “OK, but how did y’all come up with this?!”. Because, really, who would’ve ever thought that if you turn your necklaces around and clasp the end of each of them to the other, that you 1) would be able to keep tangles from occurring and 2) could even change the placement and length of the necklaces. Love it!

For this one in particular, I did read quite a few comments underneath the video to see if people were as sold as I was. Some said that their necklaces still ended tangling up anyway. Hmm. A part of me wonders if length of the necklaces has anything to do with it. For the most part, though, folks said that it made wearing layers a lot easier. To me, the old saying definitely applies here — don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Try it.