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These Are the Tips You Need for Making Leather Pants Work for You

If you're gonna wear 'em, wear 'em right

Something that I’ve been looking for, for at least four weeks now, is a really cute pair of leather joggers. I want the kind that I can pull up above my calves if I want and will also come with a drawstring. So, if you see any cute ones anywhere, please circle back and let me know.

Yeah, I like leather pants. They complement my shape, they’re fairly easy to maintain and they last a really long time. Not to mention the fact that I can easily dress them up or down and they are a great way to stay warm during this time of the year. Just make sure that once you get some, you know how to wear them correctly. This video by @pollyvsayer has a few tips.

Here’s the irony about all of these tips — while I will go along with most of ‘em, the main one that I would put before all of these is to make sure that you’ve got the right fit of leather pants to begin with. On her, I personally would’ve preferred that the length was a couple of inches more at the bottom and that they tapered in some. This particular pair kind of looks like highwaters which makes some of the shoe selections…not super complementary.

And this is why, if there is one article of clothing that you should definitely NOT get online, it’s leather pants — because although I think that just about any woman can pull them off, again, the fit is everything.

So, where are your leather pants? If you don’t own any, consider getting some this year. I don’t know anyone who regrets the ones they have. And for good reason.

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