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So...When's the Last Time You've Added White Concealer to Your Lip Color?

One of the easiest ways to make your lips stand out

Earlier this year, Allure published an article entitled, “Why the White Concealer Trend Might Be TikTok's Best Makeup Hack”. In it, it talked about the fact that when you apply white concealer underneath your foundation, it can create a type of “illuminating effect” that’s even more impacting than highlighters are.

That’s a solid point. However, I want to give white concealer its props for another reason. One that @roseartistrymua is about to show you — right here and right now.

Hun-nay. On that brown skin, that green-and-white combo is poppin’, fa sho’. So yes, I’m shouting this out because I like how white can bring a level of radiance to pretty much any lip color that you have. Yet there are other reasons why you should consider using concealer on your lips.

Concealer helps to:

· Serve as a primer for lip color

· Reduce lip feathering

· Extend the time that your lip color stays on

· Add extra dimensions to your lip color

· Make your lips appear fuller

And when the concealer as white, as you see in this video (and also this one here), it’s able to create a fun, bold and ombré-like effect — along with all of the other benefits that you just read about.

If you’re down to at least give white concealer a shot, you can read about some stellar brands that are available for purchase here. On the other hand, if white is a bit much for you, at least consider applying some neutral concealer to your lips. It might cause you to see your lip color in a whole ‘nother light. Concealers usually do.