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Woman Gets a 'Lip Flip' and Then Gets Really Real About How She Feels About It

We appreciate your honesty. We really do.

What if you wish you naturally had fuller lips, you’re tired of over-lining (or even oval-lining) them with a lip liner but you’re not sure you want to do anything permanent? If that’s the case, you might want to consider getting what is known as a lip flip. Probably the easiest way to explain it is, you go into a doctor’s office to get an injection of Botox into your upper lip, where your Cupid’s bow is. After receiving the injection, about 10-20 minutes later, your upper lip turns “upwards and outwards” which causes it to look larger and your lips, overall, to be fuller.

A lot of people like this option because it it’s not as permanent as a derma filler, even though it does last for somewhere between 2-5 months. Not bad, right? Yeah, just make sure that you watch this video by @coconutcathy before actually booking your appointment.

Wait a minute — so, after four days:

· She talks like she has braces

· She can’t sip through a straw

· She can’t close her mouth

· She can’t lick her lips

· And her lips feel numb all of the time

But she said it works. Hmm. I watched a follow-up video (that you can check out here). After two weeks since her lip flip, she said that she can’t easily pronounce that start with "P", "B" and "R" PLUS the other issues from the video still exist too. Yet she is still gonna die on the hill that it’s worth it, “If you can deal with the talking” — which is difficult.

I dunno, y’all. With all of that side effect drama, I don’t know if it’s truly worth it or not. In my head, I’m like, “Apply some clove oil” (which helps to naturally plump your lips) “And call it a day”. But if this really piques your interest now, at least make sure to have a thorough conversation with your doctor first. Being cute at the risk of no longer sounding articulate or being able to sip through a straw for months on end sounds like a really big payoff. But maybe that’s just me. *Elmo shrug*

Either way, I appreciate her honesty. She could’ve said nothing and let folks dribble through straws until summer, so…good lookin’ out.

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