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While This Deep Chocolate Beauty Is Talking About Lip Gloss, We Can't Get Enough of Her Hot Pink Eyeliner

LAWD, it's fabulous

Until the end of time, you’re never gonna get me off of two lip glosses that you can easily find at (most) drug stores. One is by the brand Black Radiance and the other is L.A. Girl’s Holographic Gloss Topper. They’re cheap. They last. And I consistently get compliments whether I wear them alone or with a liner and/or some lip color.

Not to say that I haven’t been hearing a lot about what Rihanna’s been offering up lately in this department. For instance, a lot of buzz has been surrounding her Gloss Bomb Ice Cooling Lip Luminizer. And I personally think that @ohemaabonsu is the ideal woman to review it. You’ll see why I say so in just a sec.

Her face, skin and hair always bring me so much joy whenever I see her. OK, so for her review — yeah, I don’t see much volumizing going on either, but what I do see a helluva lot of shine. Although, I’m gonna be real and say that my cheap stuff can get you very similar results (sorry RiRi).

Anyway, I read the deets about the product and it’s got peppermint in it to offer a cooling sensation (it’s probably what helps in the plumping department too) and it’s glossy without being sticky which is always a bonus. So, if Fenty is your thing, give it a shot and report back.

In the meantime…Y’ALL — do you see that eyeliner?! That is what we REALLY need a review on. I grew up with some guys who had a darker complexion than she does and they always wore pastels and bright colors. I adored that because it brought such a major emphasis to their Godiva-like skin like nobody’s business.

Luckily, she shared what brand she’s using in the comments. It’s the Garden Of Juvia's Liquid Liner in Pink Hibiscus. The price is pretty affordable ($15), so whether you want the gloss or not, if you’re a chocolate sistah, at least invest in the eyeliner because, again…how could you not after seeing this — clap — right — clap, clap — here? *standing ovation*

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