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Daughter Asks 84-Year-Old Dad To Draw Something Using Only Lipstick And The Results Are Phenomenal

That is the perfect medium

A German philosopher by the name of Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” That said, sometimes in life, you come across someone where their talent and genius are both clearly evident. Such is the case with an elder man that you’re about to see.

Just watch what @dimacciographics’s dad is able to create with a tube of lipstick. LIPSTICK, y’all.

Watch Video Here

I just adore when adult children have a healthy relationship with their parents. It’s definitely not something to assume everyone has nor is it something to take for granted if you’re fortunate to fall into that demographic.

Now for the video. First, that lipstick. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I’m glad that she shared where we can cop a tube of our own. On TikTok, you can find it at @florasis.official. In search engine world, the site is here and that particular lipstick is here. And listen, when they say that it’s “luxury lipstick", they aren’t playin’. One tube is $50 (goodness!).

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As for the drawing that her dad came up with while using the lipstick, I was tickled by how many people in the comments said that he manifested James Charles. Honey. LOL.

Regardless of what you saw — because art truly is subjective — I think we all can agree that this post is the timeline cleanser we all needed. Beautiful in every way. Thank you @dimacciographics for sharing this precious moment in time with your dad with all of us. We are truly grateful.

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