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Makeup Artist Gives Herself A “Facelift” With Just One Product

The difference is stunning

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There used to be a time when facelifts were a cosmetic procedure that only older people did. But from what I’ve read and researched, now younger folks are getting in on it as well. For example, back in 2019, 6,000 of the ones that were performed were done on individuals who were 54 and under.

Even though technology is ever-increasing to the point that cosmetic surgery is becoming less of a risk, any reputable doctor is going to tell you that it’s still risky. Not to mention expensive too (facelifts currently average somewhere around $8,000).

Luckily, there are make-up tricks that can give the illusion that you’ve had one. Check this out.

Watch Video Here

If while you were watching this, you found yourself becoming a little bit cynical, I understand. Initially, I didn’t really get where she was going with diagonal concealer lines all over her face either. But once @mekaelafarris started using a make-up brush to blend the lines into her face, light bulbs started coming on. Then when she compared the left side of her face to the right? Yeah, she did that.

As I was processing her process, I figured that the way to pull this off is to get a concealer that has a tip and to maybe use a make-up brush that has an angle to it — you know, like a contouring brush. And definitely don’t forget to apply a make-up sponge or those lines could remain and that would be a hot mess.

An easy way to give yourself a facelift sans any cutting or breaking the bank. Awesome.