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Here’s How To Rock Those Viral Messy Fishtail Braids Everyone’s Obsessed With

C'mon. It's not that hard.

Not to pat myself on the back or anything but I can braid my own hair like nobody’s business. I actually wear cornrows quite a bit because, when I’ve got the time and some patience, I can part pretty well too. But if there’s one kind of braid that I have yet to master, it’s the fishtail one. *eye roll at self*

That’s why I’m always appreciative whenever I see instructional videos like this one from @laineymariebeauty. Take a look.

Watch Video Here

Yeah, I peeped some of the cynics in the comment section (there’s always at least 1…or 20) who basically said that if someone is going to go through all of this “trouble”, they might as well just braid their hair.

However, 1) not everyone can braid and 2) I’ve seen the fishtail process, many times, and it’s a bit of a headache (an example of what I mean is here). By far, this seems easier to me to do. Besides, the only way you’ll know for sure that it’s not is if you…actually attempt it.

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Personally, I’m thankful that she made the time to post this. Those messy-looking fishtails that seem to be all the rage right now are hella cute and knowing that there’s a way to “fake” them brings me joy. So, thank you. 

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