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Plus-Size Influencer Claps Back At Haters Who Say She Doesn’t ‘Deserve’ Her Hot Husband

Say it louder for the people in the back.

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The internet is undoubtedly a confusing place. The same space that can be uplifting, encouraging, and community forming can just as easily be used to tear people down, and why some choose the latter I’ll never understand. But some creatives out there aren’t afraid to call out BS double standards and unwarranted bullying. And one plus-size fashion influencer is doing just that after one of her “transition reels” went viral for the wrong reasons.


Like many couples on the app, Alicia Mccarvell and her husband Scott, posted a video of them going from shower towels to glammed up before a wedding they were attending. The pair looked incredit, he in a fittle white polo tucked into fitted gray slacks, she in an empire floral dress that hugged her in all the right places. And instead of commentators focusing on their spectacular outfits, they turned it into a bullying session.

According to Mccarvell, this happens whenever she posts with her husband because she is plus-size and he is not. Their mixed-sze status has people constantly trying to “make sense” out of their relationship, because in their minds there is no reason for a good looking, fit man to be with a bigger woman.

“The world looks at us, and immediately values Scoot more than me,” she said in her retort video. “And since we don’t add up, people try to add things to my side of the equation to make it make sense.”

People will say things like she must have been skinny when she met him, that she has to be rich, or that he must be secretly gay. And instead of bashing these folks, she instead gives them words of advice on how to unlearn these trash beauty standards.

Personally, I think they both look like a beautiful couple who loves each other unconditionally (and clearly stylishly too).