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Video Creates a Multi-Chrome Eye That We Can Only Hope Is As Easy to DIY As It Seems

Because if this can be done in under 10 minutes, we are totally down

If you spend a fair amount of time on this site, you already know that when it comes to eye make-up, we’re not the least bit hesitant to shout-out the tutorials and/or cosmetic brands that can give you all the best glam face, in the shortest amount of time, that is hopefully the easiest way possible.

Well y’all, when I tell you that I think I just found a product that checks all of these boxes brilliantly, I’ve got no lies to tell. Although it was initially @jessicarose_makeup playing SZA that held my attention, a couple of seconds afterwards, it was definitely something else.

The effect is stunning, no doubt about it. However, what I really wanted to know was if she was able to create this with just one (or two) dips into the eyeshadow. And y’all — that would appear to be the case.

The brand is Karla Cosmetics, it appears to be located in the UK and yes, the site describes this eyeshadow as “pastel blue base with multidimensional rainbow shifts”. Apparently, based the angle the light hits (or someone is looking at you), the colors change. Additional perks include the fact that this eyeshadow is lightweight and highly pigmented.

So, what is the name of this particular one? It’s Sleepy Head. And why does the shimmer look different on the site? Because the video is displaying how the eyeshadow looks on top of black, remember? Either way, it’s gorgeous, so…overseas or not, why not order some?

A quick full-glam face is always worth the investment of what it takes to create it. Don’t you think?

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