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This Video Shows How BIG a Woman's Natural Hair Is When Dry and It's Like Nothing You've Ever Seen

We are absolutely NOT exaggerating

You ever stumble upon something and it instantly leaves you speechless? It’s like it blindsided you in a way that you really didn’t see coming? At this point, I watch so many hair videos that sometimes I have to walk a lap or two around my couch just so that I don’t get desensitized. But BABY, when this video popped up on @curlyhairjunkies Instagram page, for a second, both verbally and in print, I had no words.


I know some people who have some pretty big hair but this is an entire different level!

And for all of the skeptics in the comments (le sigh), I’ll just say that no, I don’t believe that she just sat around, waited for her hair to dry and — POOF! — instant volume. However, I do think that with the right amount (and kind) of product, some tugging at her roots and a layered haircut, this can exactly happen.

In fact, as I was reading through some of the cynicism, she actually popped up in the comments. If you go to @curlybeviie, you’ll see other shots of her hair looking just as humongous (peep this link here of when she got her first professional haircut). And — BLOOP! — there’s a video of her hair routine as well (here).

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll hush now and let her hair speak for itself because again and pardon the pun, it is clearing speaking VOLUMES!

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