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Watch How To Transform Your Necklace Into A Statement Bracelet

Your necklaces have more than one use

Something that I proudly own a collection of that is bigger than I ever should are bangle bracelets. I prefer either plastic vintage ones or huge wooden ones. And yes, I like to obnoxiously stack them as high as I can. Although I do own a few thinner metal bracelets as well, they don’t really “move” me in the same way.

But after checking out this jewelry hack from @thebeadbazaar, I could be convinced to change my mind.

Watch Video Here

I’m curious. Have any of you guys ever thought about doing this before? Or better yet — have you ever done it before?

It’s personally never crossed my mind but now that I see the breakdown, I’m kind of intrigued because changing your necklaces to bracelets has all kinds of possibilities. I can do this with necklaces that have pendants and make them look like wrap charm bracelets. I can go to a local arts and crafts store and buy some cheap chains and layer my wrist with different metals. Shoot, if the necklaces are long enough, they can go up my forearm for a super unique kind of look.

Yeah, the more that I’m talking to myself about it, the more I’m down to give this a shot. So, thanks @thebeadbazaar. I’m very much so in.