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Guess What? You’re Probably Painting Your Nails All Wrong.

This will save you a ton of time

It never fails. Every time that I find myself watching a nail polish tutorial, I find myself becoming low-key triggered. It’s basically because, no matter how much I’ve tried over the years to get the kind of results that I do from my nail tech, it never EVER happens. *le sigh*

This one, in particular, has revealed what some of my past missteps might have been. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Watch Video Here

Just by watching this DIY by @jesslizs, I get that two things I’m doing wrong off top is my polish is probably too thick and I have too much of it on my brush from the beginning — and that’s why, when I apply it to my nails, it’s clumping all on my cuticles ‘n stuff. Not to mention the fact that I probably don’t wait long enough in between coats.

But the reason why I thought everyone should see this tutorial is because — am I the only one who tends to start putting polish on in the middle of my nails instead of at the base? *ding, ding, ding*

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Yeah, I’m probably always gonna go the salon to get my nails done. But if I ever happen to be in a pinch and can’t get there, I will refer back to what I saw here. And for me to even entertain polishing my own nails again is saying A LOT. So thank you, @jesslizs. You performed a mighty work here. 

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