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The Most Patient Barber In the World Shows What It Takes to Cut a Little One’s Hair

That parent was probably so grateful.

The attention span and curiosity of toddlers is unlike any other. They're still getting a feel for the world and everything interests them.

This barber showed how he was able to give a little boy a haircut, while still engaging and moving around endlessly.

Barber @clipperkayneco has what a lot of us lack: energy and patience. He managed to keep up with a toddler, running after him inside the barbershop and outside with clippers.

When the little boy went low, so did Kayne. Every time he turned, Kayne was doing the same. This video seems more like a workout than a haircut.

The cutest part was when he and little buddy started to play swords with the combs. It was too stinking adorable!

Even when the tot grabbed things that didn't belong to him Kayne was ready to put it back and continue the cut. "Is that yours?" Kayne said. "Nope, ahht."

Commenters were very impressed with Kayne's skills and patience and made sure to let him know how awesome he is. 

"You need to be truly recognised for this amazing work. I hope you teach and train young ppl aswell, there needs to be more of you 👑," one person said. Another said, "Thank you for rolling with it and not getting angry!!! As a mama to a head strong boy with sensory issues, we need more of you!!"

If he acts like this with toddlers, imagine how patient he'd be when he fixes your cut when you decide to give yourself a trim. He'll take the time to get you right. 

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