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Here’s a Fun Twist to Pigtails That Are Made from Extensions

It's the curls throughout the braids for us

These days, no matter what kind of hairstyle you see on television, in a magazine or online, you don’t really have to deny your desire to have it. If there’s not a wig that can make it happen, there are extensions that can totally help you out. I’m reminded of this very thing, every time I watch a video like this one that was featured on @prettyhairfeed’s page.

At first, it looks like she’s simply adding some length to a regular ole’ set of pigtails. But if you watch this until the end, you’ll get why I thought it was a cute hairstyle to share.

Maybe it’s just me but if actor Quinta Brunson and Gold medal gymnast Simone Biles had a baby, I feel like this is who their child would look like. She’s a cutie.

Back to her hair. Do you see why I thought this was a precious look? The long pigtails (especially with the baby hair accents) are a good look but what I really like is the creativity that she applied in allowing small sections of her extensions to “hang out” of the plaits, so that she could roller set them. Good stuff.

She pretty much walked us all through it, so the only thing that I would really add is to watch the quality of hair that you purchase when it comes to your extensions. A part of the reason why this look works so well on her is because the type of weave that she’s using actually matches her hair’s texture and color. Also, avoid using a ton of hair on each side — not only will it look less real, but it could weigh your pigtails down and that could ultimately cause breakage.

Other than that, why not try it? If not on yourself, your daughter. Again, it’s a great hairstyle that honestly doesn’t look like it requires a ton of time or stress. A win all the way around.

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