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A Plus-Size Fashion Influencer Is Needing Some 'Plus-Size Baddies' to Show Off ASAP

Definitely hit her up

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A few years ago, Yahoo published an article that said that the average size for American women was no longer a 14 but somewhere between 16-18. This is just further proof that the market for plus-size women is ever-evolving. This means that the need to see them in the media is more relevant than ever.

And this is where @modishchampagne and a post that I recently saw on her TikTok page comes in. If you fall into the category of being plus-size (whether you’re a man or a woman), she’s looking to totally show you off.

Lawd, can I relate to where she is coming from. Not from the angle of being plus-size but being a Black woman who gets irritated with, say stock photos for instance, on a daily basis because there are limited options when it comes to that particular demographic. #ugh

And that’s why I think that it’s extremely…thoughtful is the word that immediately comes to mind that she’s taking on this kind of initiative. Because the more people who are able to showcase themselves, the more self-confidence it inspires and the more that people can see the plus-size baddies online, the more they will appreciate what they bring to the beauty and fashion space.

So, what are you waiting for? If you know that you’re just what she’s looking for and you’ve got some dope ass shots, hit her up. You never know what it could lead to — who else you could end up inspiring.

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