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When You've Got Natural Hair, Pre-Pooing Is A MUST

On wash days, don't forget to pre-poo

Even though shampooing our hair is necessary, that doesn’t mean the process doesn’t send our locks through a few changes. When you wet your hair, that makes it more fragile and when you wash it, that can strip your tresses of some of the natural oils that keeps it from becoming dry and brittle.

So, what can you do to protect it? You can pre-poo. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, abs.tract_ is about to break it down for you.

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Her hair is so beautifully dark and thick. I adore everything about it.

OK, so now that you’ve seen what steps you need to take in order to pre-poo your hair, let me explain the purpose. When you’re a Black woman with natural hair (or someone of another ethnicity with very curly hair), it can already be challenging for the natural sebum from your scalp to cover your hair strands from root to tip. This is another reason why shampooing tends to dry your hair out.

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Pre-pooing is about coating your hair with a protective layer of oil, so that you don’t lose as much moisture during the shampooing process. As a result, your hair ends up being softer, more manageable and easier to detangle. Almost any carrier oil will work for this. You can read more about some of the benefits of different ones here.

So, if you’ve been looking for an additional way to pamper your hair on wash days, like the headline says, pre-pooing is an absolute must. Never say that @abs.tract_ didn’t put you on to it.

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