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If It's Been a Minute Since You've Seen a Professional Hairstylist, This Video May Inspire You to Make an Appointment

They're called "pros" for a reason

Did y’all know that it takes a hairstylist 1500 credit hours to get their license while it only takes around 700 hours to become a cop? A COP. Don’t get me started. And while it’s actually been a hot minute since I’ve seen a professional stylist myself, back in the day, when my hair was relaxed and I was visiting someone religiously — I must say that there were many times when I walked out the salon, flinging my tresses and saying to myself, “That’s why she’s a professional.”

This is the time of year when a lot of us mull over what we want to do more of, less of or differently in the new year. If you’ve got some specific hair goals and you’re on the fence about putting a reputable hairstylist in your budget, this video by @khyelijah may convince you to do just that.

I’ve actually watched this a few times and I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with — how healthy this woman’s hair appears to be or how many inches she’s been able to retain. Beautiful. I also peeped that what we’re looking at isn’t a relaxer; this is natural hair that’s been silk pressed. That ups the ante of deserving some major applause even more!

I went to her IG page and it’s interesting that her tagline says, “Let Me Grow Your Hair 2 Your Waist”. I believe her too because there is post after post after post of Black women with major inches. She’s even got people flying in to take advantage of her expertise. So, where is she? It looks like she services Atlanta and Dallas (she’s nowhere near cheap either; just an FYI). She’s also got some hair products that you can purchase here.

However, whether you decide to hit her up directly or not, my main reason for sharing this is to serve as a PSA that some people train many hours in order to take care of hair so that you can see similar results. For this reason, never feel like paying to get your hair professionally done is a waste of money. When you’re in good hands, it can oftentimes save you money in the long run because you won’t be constantly correcting your own mistakes.

Besides, if someone can have your hair out here looking like this in just a few months — how is that not a resolution worth committing to? C’mon now.

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