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You Can Absolutely Bathe With A Fresh Tattoo, If You Do This First

You now can get your new tat wet

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I have four tattoos. I adore them all for different reasons but I’m about 80 percent sure that I’m done with body ink. My godchildren’s mom on the other hand? For all of her adult life, she only had a relatively small wrist tat. Yet now that she’s a smidgin’ over 40 (and going through a separation), she is in the process of getting a sleeve.

When I asked her how she was gonna feel about having to avoid getting it wet for the first few days— as well as keeping her toddler wanting to crawl all over her arm, I’m sure — she said she wasn’t worried about it. That’s because her tattoo artist knew about what @kynnteddy is talkin’ about in this here video.

Watch Video Here

Yep. There’s a dressing called Tegaderm that you can put on your arm that literally lasts for a week. What’s great about it is, while it covers up your tat (or a wound) that you might have, it also gives your tat the ability to breathe. Not only that but you can take a bath or shower and not worry about getting it wet.

My tat artist went the old school route and covered my tats with some plastic wrap and sent me on my way (he’s still really good, though). Meanwhile, my friend used Tegaderm and sang its praises for the five days that she was instructed to have it on. I’m jealous.

So, if you’ve got a tat appointment coming up, my recommendation would be to ask your artist if they have Tegaderm patches on deck — and if not, can you bring one. It’ll make those first couple of days of the healing process so much easier. More convenient too.