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Internet Swoons Over Little White Girl Who Wants Braids Like The “Beautiful Brown Ladies"

Because all hair is good hair

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Cultural appropriation is a very layered and extremely important topic. For instance, while a lot of us like to use sage, it might surprise some of you to know that Native Americans would prefer us to find other alternatives. Same thing applies to kimono dresses if you don’t happen to be Japanese (or Japanese-American). This also applies to certain braided styles and hair twists that are popular within the Black community. Since many of them originated in Africa, seeing women who aren’t Black in them can be a trigger for many of us.

That’s why I actually appreciate how the mother in this video handled her young daughter’s question. Let me let you watch it first for context.

Watch Video Here

Children definitely have an innocence about them that can’t be duplicated and this little girl is certainly no exception. You can tell that her admiration is sincere and it was on-point of her mom to tell her that there are certain looks that can be pulled off only by those with a certain hair texture. Each texture comes with its own distinctive capabilities.

Now, it’s not like we all haven’t seen someone of one ethnicity mimic a popular look of another and believe you me, even if it took some hair extensions to pull the requested look off, this mom could’ve found a way to make what her daughter’s request happen. Her point was that we’re all created to be able to do some things not all things — and that’s a lesson for the ages. Indeed, all cultures have things that are fascinating and beautiful about them…and sometimes, simply appreciating them is more than enough.

That was my personal takeaway. What was yours?