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You’ll Be Amazed By What Can Be Substituted For A Push-Up Bra

That’s it?!

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If you’re looking for a way to give your breasts a bit of a “lift”, push-up bras can help to make that happen. That’s because the extra padding that’s in them can push your breasts upward. They can also draw your breasts closer together to give you a really attractive bustline.

If money is tight, one way around purchasing a push-up bra is to fold a sock in half and substitute it for the padding that comes in store bought bras (no joke; you can read more about that here). Or you can do what I personally would’ve never seen coming from @americanthreads.

Watch Video Here

Yeah, this is definitely one of those videos that you need to watch more than once to get it right. Also, a part of me does wonder 1) how comfortable a shoestring would be around my neck all day and 2) if a long ass string down my back would get on my nerves at some point.

Still, I’ve gotta give some major points for ingenuity. Who would’ve thought that tying a string around your bra would pull your girls closer together? I know I didn’t.

I’m an H-cup, so trying this would damn near suffocate me (the breasts not the string). But if you’re willing to give it a shot, would you let me know how to turns out?

In the meantime, anything that can save money, I can’t knock. And last I checked, a quality push-up bra isn’t the cheapest thing on the planet. So…sneaker shoestrings, it is, y’all.