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Woman Reveals What Refreshes Her Natural Curls Without Water

Here's how to shave time off of your morning routine

No matter what your hair type or texture may be, describing it oftentimes boils down to what your curl pattern is — whether your hair is completely straight, it has loose waves or it features a tight coil pattern like a lot of Black woman’s natural hair state tends to be.

When hair is curlier, it can be harder for it to stay naturally moisturized from the sebum from the scalp. The remedy is to “refresh” natural hair. This is one way to do it.

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As a naturalista myself, I know exactly what it’s like to wake up, look into the mirror and see that my curls aren’t poppin’ like I want them to. At the same time, the last thing I want to do is saturate my hair with water because the air drying (and sometimes even diffusing) process can take FOR-E-VER.

In walks tips like what @britt_facade is on — and I salute her…not just for the tip but making sure we can see what product she’s applying (THANK YOU!).

It’s from the CURLS The Sea Moss Collection. This is specifically their Nourish and Shine Sea Moss Foam. I’ve personally never used it before but what I can shout-out from the rooftops is their Blueberry Sculpting Mousse. It smells good, doesn’t flake and the results last long.

Whether you decide to go with her recommendation, my suggestion or something else, the main thing to remember is curls like moisture. So, even if you lightly mist your hair with some water and vegetable glycerin (which is a humectant which simply means that it pulls moisture from the air into your hair) and then apply some leave-in conditioner or pure aloe vera gel — your curls will still have much life breathed back into them. I can almost guarantee it.

Now what are you gonna wear after you do your hair? ‘Cause sis got me out here motivated with her final look!