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Some of Rihanna's Latest Promos Remind Us That Being a Sexy Mom Is Top-Tier

When it comes to style and sexiness, few are this consistent

Not too long ago, I was having a conversation — that turned into more like a debate — about what my favorite Rihanna (pronounced REE-ANN-AH) song was. They were shocked when I said that “Birthday Cake” is what first came to my mind. I can’t fully explain why. I like the way it’s written and the energy behind it. And whenever I see Rihanna in photoshoots, I always envision that this is playing in the background.

Now that I’ve set up that visual for you, don’t even act like you don’t get where I’m coming from after looking at the feature pic for this post along with this video.

I know that a lot of people automatically associate Rihanna with her music but, to me, it’s her style and her super effortless sexiness that moves me— something that hasn’t changed one bit since she’s become a mommy. Hell, maybe it’s just me, but it looks like things may have gone up a few notches, in fact.

I think it’s important to emphasize all of this because, although a lot of people will say that there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman, what I don’t believe is stated enough is there is something unbelievably sexy about new moms too. Full breasts. Extra curves. A heightened awareness of what they’re capable of.

Shoot, all Rihanna did was stop on by to remind you that she doesn’t have the monopoly on all of this. Yes, she’s naturally a beauty to behold but you’re damn sexy in your own right as well.

Don’t believe it? How about copping some lingerie and doing your own private shoot soon? Let a lens show you what you’ve got goin’ on — sexy mama-ness just oozing everywhere.

Just you watch — AND BELIEVE.

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