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Here's An Easy Way To Make A Two-In-One Purse

So easy, it's a crime

I know I can’t be the only one who thinks that most social media platforms seem to spend more time trying to become just like each other that they are losing what makes them stand out individually in the process. For instance, one of the things that I like most about TikTok is you can get a wealth of information in a couple of minutes. That’s why I rolled my eyes when they announced that 10-minute videos would become an option.

It's also why I give a two thumbs up to this hack by @hannahwarling. In a mere 13 seconds, she showed us all how to turn one purse into a different kind — and I salute her for it.

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I like purses. Not in the I’m-willing-to-pay-thousands-of-dollars-for-a-Birkin-bag kind of way but I do have a nice lil’ collection. I don’t own any chain purses anymore because, for whatever the reason, the straps don’t like to stay up on my shoulder and constantly trying to keep it there is super annoying.

Thanks to this tip, I might invest in another one over the next few months because, in just a few seconds — the purse got shorter, (to me) cuter and it looks like it’s probably easier to carry around too.

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And again, she didn’t need 10 minutes to break this down. Hell, she didn’t need even one.

That’s what I’m talking about! Keep the original format of TikTok going strong. I fully support it!

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