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You're Gonna Love Learning How To Take Care Of Your Lingerie

Shower curtain hooks are cheap AF too

You ever come across a fashion hack that just excites the complete and total crap out of you? I mean, it goes beyond intriguing you to the point where you’re ready to grab your keys so that you can run out to whatever store has what was featured in it? That’s exactly how I felt when I watched this video by @swingingsgirl5.

I’ll be honest: It’s not like I’ve been sitting around pondering what to do with my lingerie. But once she showed what I should’ve been doing all along, light bulbs definitely went off and I will never be the same!

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Freakin’ shower curtain hooks. Who knew?! I sure as hell didn’t.

How can you not adore everything about this? It’s cheap. It’s effective. It’s space saving. It keeps your lingerie from getting wrinkled. And what I also like is something that a person said in the comments — this would work really well for tank tops and shoot, I’m thinking scarves as well.

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Plus, shower curtain hooks are everywhere — Walmart, Target, home improvement stores, Amazon, The Dollar Store…you name it.

There’s no way that I’m the only one who thinks that this a “Where have you been all of my life?” kind of tip. The only question is, who’s gonna get their shower hooks first: y’all or me?

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